Social commitment

Food for Thought

As educational issues are close to our hearts, we have launched the “Food for Thought – Your break-time snack” project.

Launched at the Otto-Graf-Realschule in Leimen and now rolled out at several primary and secondary schools, schoolchildren are regularly provided with a free breakfast.

The ingredients for this are selected, purchased and prepared together as a project. The aim is to counteract the stigmatization of children in need.

Climate-neutral company

As a sponsor of the “Le’an County Forest Farm Carbon Sink Project” in the Chinese province of Jiangxi, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. We have committed to converting 7,746.7 hectares of cleared land into protected forests.

We are focusing on restoring these areas with hardy tree species such as Chinese fir and slash pine.

This project contributes to an annual reduction of 86,680 tons of CO2 equivalents and to the preservation of biodiversity.

Global trade meets local solidarity

We operate globally, yet our roots are firmly anchored in the local community. It is particularly important to us not only to support the traditional club VfR Mannheim financially, but also to act as a visible partner. The VfR Mannheim players proudly wear our company logo on their chest.

With this commitment, we are pursuing an overarching purpose: we want to create a strong and visible link between professional soccer, amateur players and popular sport in Mannheim. Youth development is particularly important to us.