SI Electronics Now a Certified Aerospace Supplier

14. July 2023

Global sourcing specialist SI Electronics has been certified as a supplier for aerospace and aviation. The company has fulfilled all strict quality requirements of the EN 9120 standard at its locations in Mannheim, Germany and Miami, USA – hitting all the marks with flying colors. SI Trading CEO, Jonas Seidel, acknowledged the accomplishment: “This puts us in the top one percent of all suppliers in our competitive environment.” The group which SI Electronics belongs to employs more than 80 people across ten locations worldwide.

The certification is a testament to the precise documentation, seamless traceability of all components along the entire supply chain, and the quality of the components the company provides. In a market environment characterized by geopolitical challenges, the requirements for reliable and traceable electronic components are increasing. The EN 9120 certification, specifically designed for aerospace and defense suppliers, lays down particularly stringent quality standards and a framework for standardized processes. Ultimately, safety requirements are particularly strict in this industry.

Digitally supported quality assurance

The EN 9120 certification requires attention to several aspects, including strategic supplier management, strict process controls, and comprehensive product traceability. It establishes quality management systems and places a strong focus on risk mitigation. SI Electronics is able – partly due to the adoption of the latest digital tools – to proactively identify and respond to potential supply chain and product issues.

Gabriel Aras, who as Global Process Manager has been driving the project for the last few months, comments, “The EN 9120 certification is a huge milestone for us. It promotes our quality culture in the company and proves to our customers that we are ensuring our long-term operational excellence.”